Coin Master Strategy

In this post we will tell you how to get more spins and coins in Coin Master. With this strategy, you can build faster and gain stars massively on your account. At first it a little bit easy to reach Town Village level 5 (Far East) in Coin Master. With 50 Spins that given in the beginning, you can raid and attack another player and earn coins. If you are still feeling hard to reach level 5 town village you can use this strategy below.

Coin Master Strategy to earn more Spins and Coins

Use below strategy to reach town village level 5 and proceed to the next step on how to get more and more spins in Coin Master.

Coin Master Free Spins and Coin Rewards

Coin Master Daily Rewards through free spin links
Coin Master Daily Rewards through free spin links

On this website at free spins page, we provide the link that you can get free spins and coins. This reward is updated daily and sometimes the old link might still work. The reward system itself is very easy to use, you just go to free spins page, and click link today button. We already sorted the link based on date, we also provide the old link that you can try because it might still working to your account. The update on the page is on 03:00 PST, check the page daily for newest update. Go to free spins rewards here.

Invite Player

Invite friends to get more spins
Invite friends to get more spins

You can invite your friends and earn massive 50 spins, we use this method if we are run of spins. You can benefit this feature and create facebook account and invite yourself and earn 50 free spins per invite. The free spins will more higher eventually after you reach higher town level. At level 25 you can earn 90 free spins per invite.

Free daily spin and daily wheel spin

Coin Master player earn 5 spins per hour and every 24 hours you can get daily wheel spin. Use this to get more coins to upgrade your town village. Our strategy is not to use 5 spins until it full at 50 spins, because you can get more odds to raid other village or attack village and get higher coins. Sometimes if you just use 5 spins straight away the odds are lower to get all the three pig raid symbol or mjolnir hammer attack symbol.

Watching Ads

By watching ads you can get free one spin, and up to 5 spins if you run out of spins. The rewards might be lower but sometimes it useful if you on the edge of upgrading your town village. You can found this feature on bottom right on your Coin Master Game.

Done with above strategy and next you will need this tips to earn more spins, after level 5 you unlock Pet, daily event, quest and diamond tournament that give a lot of spins rewards.

Super Bet

1800 Spins attack madness with Super Bet On
1800 Spins attack madness with Super Bet On

Super Bet in Coin Master is available at town village level 5. With this super bet you can bet more spins to get more on your rewards. Save your first spin first until you get Coin Master Event and use Super Bet to trick the game for getting more rewards.

Attack Madness Event

Attack Madness Event Coin Master
Attack Madness Event Coin Master

When Attack Madness available, and your spin is full, now is the time to use the trick. Attack Madness is Coin Master event that you can earn coins and spins rewards based on how many you attack another village. If you use 50x Super Bet then you multiply the attack to 50 times. Here is the trick that you can use to get Attack every time you spin in Attack Madness Event.

  • Use Bet 1x Spin first
  • Put Super Bet at 50x and you will get attack
  • Use 1x Bet Again
  • Then put Super Bet on 50x then you will get attack
  • Follow that step repeatedly

Diamond Tournament

Attack Madness Event and Diamond Tournament
Attack Madness Event and Diamond Tournament

The tournament will become available at your town village level 5, basically this event is become top scorer for getting many as diamonds as you can. The perfect time is when you get attack madness event and this tournament event. You can multiply your rewards at getting on Attack Madness and collect diamonds based on your attack. You can get 10 Diamonds when you hit 3 symbols, and you can multiply it with your Super Bet too. The prize pool for Diamond Tournament is free 12k spins for number one and more spins at high-level town village.

The Conclusion

There is more way to get free spins in Coin Master, the easy way is purchasing a spin through in-app purchase, but if you play the game wisely you can get a lot of spins for free. We beat the diamond tournament yesterday and win 12k free spins on Diamond Tournament. Use our tips above especially on the Attack Madness event because you can trick the game to get repeated Attack on your Spin Wheel.



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